Berlin - Tag & Nacht

Musik vom 15.06.2017, Folge 1457

Musiktitel Interpret / Band Plattenfirma / Label
Old School (Jen Jis Remix) Urban Cone Universal
Go Fuck Yourself Two Feet Majestic Casual
Evaporate The Fontaines The Fontaines
The Pink Panther Theme Henri Mancini Sony
Friend The Elephants VIDLIK
Feels Like Home (Radio Edit) The Brahms The Brahms
Test Saro Mateo
Everything Of My Heart Parov Stelar Etage Noir
The Way You Do Lady Daisey Barely Braking Even Records
Crystal Lion Native Young Rootspring
One Dance/Hasta El Amanecer (Mashup) Alex Aiono Universal
Last Light Studioband JGM
Franzis Fil Bo Riva PIAS
Bird Song (Diplo Remix) M.I.A. Universal
Unkle Dunkles Studioband Pedigree Cuts
High Without Your Love Foote Universal
Mango Paul Kalkbrenner Bpitch Control
Losing My Mind (3 Monkeyzz Remix) Jason Gaffner & 3 Monkeyzz Jason Gaffner & 3 Monkeyzz
Lend You My Mind vs. Tessa Rose Jackson IX feat. Tessa Rose Jackson IX
Brother Caswell Caswell
Ataxia Adulescens Listenrecords (Broken Silence)
Bright Lights Vandelux Ego Music
Drink My Friend Y'Akoto Warner
Can't Hide Whethan feat. Ashe Whethan
One Mile Isle Studioband Pedigree Cuts Fashionable