Die RTL 2-Sendung

Köln 50667

Musik vom 08.06.2018, Folge 1377

Musiktitel Interpret / Band Plattenfirma / Label
It's My Life  Dr. Alban Ariola
I'm Sorry (I'Am Legend) James Newton Howard Varese Sarabande Records
Back In Black AC/DC Epic
This ain´t Love Andy Grammer BMG Rights Management
Where The Love Goes Anjulie feat. Oskar Flood Spinnin' Records
I need you here Anton X Folly Rae Black Butter Records 
We light forever up Benny Benassi x Lush & Simon feat. Frederick Ultra Records
Off the Island, onto a freighter Blake Neely Watertower Music
Love Is the Most Powerful Emotion Blake Neely WaterTower Music
Get your soul back Blake Neely WaterTower Music
One Kiss Calvin Harris & Dua Lipa  Columbia
Halbzeit Chakuza Four Music Productions
Bad  Christopher Parlophone 
Complicated Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike vs. David Guetta feat. Kiiara Epic 
Photograph Ed Sheeran Atlantic
Dollar Focus Fire STMPD RCRDS
Cool Daddy Heinz Kiessling Extreme Music
Difficult Situation Sheridan Paul Tongue Juice Music / Juice Music
Foreshadowing Sheridan Paul Tongue Juice Music / Juice Music
Molly Looks for Lester Jeff Russo Sony Classical
Murder Jeff Russo Sony Classical
Murderous Tundra Jeff Russo Sony Classical
Desolate Situation Sheridan Paul Tongue KPM Music / KPM Main Series
Black Fear Sheridan Paul Tongue KPM Music / KPM Main Series
We Can Do Better Matt Simons  [PIAS] 
Dark Synth Drone Thomas Richard Peter Howe Model Music / Model
Twisted Love David Alphonse Pierre Krutten Ashley Clark Tom Hillock MYMA / Montmorency Records
20-17 Nils Frahm Erased Tapes
Drone Wars Nigel Roger Butler Pedigree Cuts / Pedigree Cuts Documentary
X Hugh Robert Edwin Wilkinson Primary / Primary
The Last Return Jon Anthony Boorman Primary / Primary
Hidden Process (a) George Donaldson Raydia / Raydia
Nightlight Research Jordan Kareem Rees SATV / SATV
Restless Search Jordan Kareem Rees SATV / SATV
Loneliness B Stephen James Root, Ian Paul Livingstone Trilogy
Everything We Lost (a ) James William Timothy Warburton Trilogy / Trilogy
Love Song Zak Abel Atlantic Records