Musik vom 22.07.2019, #1659

Musiktitel Interpret / Band Plattenfirma / Label
It's My Life  Dr. Alban Ariola
I'm Sorry (I'Am Legend) James Newton Howard Varese Sarabande Records
Later Bitches The Prince Karma Kontor Records
Jump around House of pain  EastWest
Falling Alesso Virgin
Firefighters Andy aka Energy & Tale & Dutch Tough Stuff! 
Till The End Steven M.Stern                        Charles Richard Newman APM Collection Library 
Ready to go ARUNA & Rameses B Monstercat
Shots fired Axol ft. Max Hurrell NCS
Go Baby Go Beth Ditto Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH 
Lyin' Bishop Briggs  Island Records
Get Down Tonight  Chris Wacup feat. Nessi WESTSIDE
My Momma Said Damae   Kick Fresh Recordings 
Not Going Home DVBBS x CMC$ feat. Gia Koka b1
Moonlight Grace VanderWaal Columbia Records
Mamma Mia Hugel feat. Amber Van Day Warner Music
Am I Kacy Hill Universal Music
The Waiting Time A60 Justin Caine Burnett KPM Music / KPM Main Series
Dark Deeds A 30 Mel Wesson KPM Music / KPM Main Series
Space Probe A30 Daniel Stephen Lozinski KPM
Interceptors (a) Mel Wesson  KPM Music / KPM Main Series
Black Horizon (a) Austin Carey Fray, Skip Armstrong KPM Music / KPM Trailers
I Feel So Bad Kungs feat. Ephemerals Barclay
Hungover you LIZOT ft. Charming Horses Nitron Music
Shine On (Little Diamond) Marit Larsen RCA Deutschland
The longest Road on earth Morgen Page ft. Lissie, Maor Levi, Michael Woods Armada Music
Into You Odd Mob feat. Starley Kontor Records
Making moves Oh the Larceny Position Music
Dramatic Percussion  Hugh Robert Edwin Wilkinson Primary / Primary
Still Looking San Holo & Cesqeaux bitbird
Batshit Sofi Tukker Ultra Records
Denkmal Stereoact Kontor Records
Crimes Unsolved Martin Nicholas Gratton Synctracks / Synctracks
Tainted Past Wilx Synctracks / Synctracks
The Only Way Tricky
Studio !K7
Love Don't Wait (a) Stephen John Collins Trilogy / Trilogy
Secret Hall B Paul Edward Wilkes Trilogy / Trilogy
Running the Maze Al Lethbridge Chappell
Wonder at the World Allen W Whiteacre Discovery Music
Waltz d´Amour Andres Bertoglio SaraoMusic
Deadly Assasin Gregg Lehrman  , Boris Nonte Seventh Sense
In My View Young Fathers Ninja Tune 
Indie wie du ZWGSTL  Baumstudio